Friday, February 19, 2016

In 20011,  Via Reuters, Tim Geithner summarized the effect of stolen technology on the US economy. China has been very aggressive in copying technology. If US made products were to be sold in China, they would have to be produced there.
Here is a direct quote from Tim Geithner :
"We're seeing China continue to be very, very aggressive in a strategy they started several decades ago, which goes like this: you want to sell to our country, we want you to come produce here ... if you want to come produce here, you need to transfer your technology to us," Geithner said.
The United States' trade deficit with China hit a record $273 billion in 2010. This is old news. The latest numbers are worse. Had $273 billion had been pumped into the economy, for 300 million US residents in 20011 , what do you think your life would look like? What kind of stimulus check would that be?
Who can help?
Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.
Our blogs are a microcosm and a parallel universe, where our work, a product of years of study and hard work , is being openly and blatantly stolen.
Here are some questions that I have posed to my students, colleagues and friends.
What technology has not been stolen by the Chinese?
From Harry Potter to the latest self driving models, everything is at a risk of being copied.
How can this be prevented?
It can be prevented by buying Made in USA products.( Aren't Facebook, Google and Twitter  homegrown?)
Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.
According to Matthew Aid, Humint spying is causing inventors to lose money. How about not selling to China? Not admitting the students? Being more stringent in English standards. The poor language may be OK for them , but the loss caused by them is so high that they make other countries look like friends. 
  " This approach to espionage is nothing new. Other nations have used similar systems for centuries. What is unusual is the scale of the Chinese effort, and that makes a difference. Supporting it all is a Chinese intelligence bureaucracy back home that is huge, with nearly 100,000 people working just to keep track of the many Chinese overseas and what they could, or should, be trying to grab for the motherland. This is where many of the graduates of the National Intelligence College program will work.  "

The first time that I read this, I thought that it was a paranoid approach. Now I see first hand how blatant the IP theft is.
If each year, had Hundreds of Billions of dollars were not lost to China, do you think we would have faced the foreclosure crises? Would we have faced joblessness?
Everyone can help by buying Made in America products.


  1. Buying American is important, though it's not always that easy. There are many products where parts come from China and America puts it together here... Your article does bring awareness and hopefully more will remember to buy American, the very least think about what is happening here.

    1. I was thinking the same. It can also be tough when you are facing a price difference when you buy American versus Chinese sometimes; products from China tend to be more affordable which is what catches people's attention. BUt I agree that we should pay more attention to where the products we purchase come from.

  2. Dear Koko,
    Thank you for the observation.
    I am loving your comments and of course your posts. I have a tiny project for you. will you please upload your DIY to Udemy to earn. your Videos are grrreaat!