Monday, April 28, 2014

VLOG stats

To my Twitter pals

A little birdie tells me that some of the moms give their kids haircuts.
Also, I see that my Twitter pals  have stayed indoors and made preserves! Kudos. I was very inspired.
If you are growing anything in your yard, I wish you would blog about it. Gardening and pet blogs are all the rage.

Spring and summer will lead to beautiful farmers' markets. Dazzle your audience with photos. Did you post a couple of pics of your biking trip: I want to know so copy and paste a pic in the comment section, I will feature you in my blog!

Some VLOG heroes:

Bethany Mota: Trendsetting teen, like I pointed out before.
Shane Dawson.

Equals Three.
The last two are comedy Vlogs.

Nearly every teen who has grown-up with Youtube, has Vlogged at some point.
There is a video on every topic you can imagine and you can subscribe to Vlog channels. Vlogs take more care and expertise if you are anything like me.

You would have to have a very thick skin, because the comments come in all shades.

How-to tutorials on Youtube

The kinds of Youtube vids that happen to be very sought after are how-to vids. I was on the road once and I needed help with some apps. I had all that I needed thanks to some nice Youtube vids.
This raises a very important topic:
Video editing software!
I know that most machines come equipped with some kind of camera associated driver and software.  You must do you own research to find what suits your needs the best.

Before you upload yourself:
If I were to post, I would probably post some tutorials.
Before you post yourself, I wish you would work on music, sound speed with a tutorial vid. then move onto your vlog of developing an app, making furniture, obeying your cat or making relishes.

Versioning your videos is very key in keeping track of some 500 videos you are about to make about aquaculture and become a star on Youtube.

Keep a recent version handy.


  1. 11:15 am vid of you creating an origami dragon.
  2. 12:30 pm  vid of you making an origami dragon with sound and light effects
  3. 12:50 p.m.  vid of you making an origami dragon with sound and light effects and teaching your pupil.
  4.  1 pm If you keep the former versions intact and make copies, then you can handle loss of footage!

Tag your videos : Even when you store them at home, tage them for easy search. Upload copies online and send yourself some messages of what is where. A few searches and you will recover just about anything!
cross referencing your vids is also very helpful, but things get a little complicated!

Compression and archiving

A few trials of compressing your vids to see how much space they take, changes in quality once they are decompressed and archiving them for easy retrieval are steps you can take to ensure a very efficient seamless upload of your work.

Here is a very useful link to file extensions, in case you were wondering.
File extensions.
 Please leave a comment about your Vlogging experience.
 Please stick to very clean content.

Friday, April 25, 2014

How to get 120+ days of free tv, surprising blogstats, mommy blogs

How to get 150 days of free TV, surprising blog stats, mommy blogs

How to get 120 days of free TV

How to get more than 120 days of free streaming

Netflix                         30 days free trial
Now TV                      30 days free trial
Redbox                       30 days free trial                    7 days free trial
Amazon Prime           30 days free trial               (Length seems to vary from region to region)

Average cost of cable $37 .00 Total savings: more than $150.00!

Done sequentially, this is 4 months of free entertainment.
Why would I recommend this?

Recently, there was snow, sleet, rain and the weather was too "Tornado-y" for me to catch my fave events.
Satellite/cable are way too susceptible to this bad weather.
I asked for a discount for interrupted service. They refused. I said : Bye bye bye bye!

Advantages of streaming from the above services :

  1. Don't have to switch view between two screens. The  computer is an automatic pause and play device, unlike a non DVR-TV. so your TV programming works around your schedule, not you around it!
  2. Catch shows on your mobile device any where!
  3. You save space. Your TV can now go into your bedroom/garage/toolshed : You decide!
  4. You can hook up your hard disc to the 42 inch plasma when you feel like it!
  5. You wont need the remote much, so forget losing and looking for it!
  6. Social watch it! Ever skyped while watching ICE AGE together?? Best experience ever if young people are far away from you because you are on the road!
  7. Parental controls are more programmable on the PC!
  8. Watch wonderful movies and sitcoms like Mud, Intouchables, Wallander , "How to train you Dragon" without ever misplacing a single disc!

Please go over my previous post for Deal Stacking ideas!
If you want to switch over from Cable, then you need to maximize that purchase and get more mileage out of it.
Talk to the customer service, see if they will sweeten the deal with freebies for kids, adults .. if you don't ask, you will never know.

Surprising blog stats, blog facts:

  • As of now there are 6.7 million blogs!

  • Video blogs, VLOGs, are on the rise.

  • Bethany Mota was a bullied teen who commands thousands per day because of endorsements, has millions of fans, and she is not even 20!! She has a VLOG on fashion and shopping for teens. She is now advising Aeropostale, and only a few years ago, found she was betrayed and by her bestie! BFF may turn out to be devils, but you can become a millionaire because of them.

  • Moms decide which way a product will go based on the value it gives, thanks to blogs.

  • Company blogs have become mandatory, due to increased public response. 

Mommy blogs

Many women are now opting to work out of home and are blogging about baby products, preschools, organic food, grocery shopping, vacations..
Companies pay very close attention to them and the comments.
These mom are using smart phones to blog, not your clunky old PCs. Pinning, Tumblr, Instys, Flickr are are so common place that now companies hire specialists to work on their behalf.
One bad diaper bag photo and the stock will fall. One poor car seat  and there will be 60k recalls.

The hand that rocks the cradle will rocks the stock price!

So if you are a mommy, you should start your blog: Yesterday!!

I would love to hear about any technical or other issues you are having! Please leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DEAL-STACKING:How to maximize your savings with 7

Freebies and Savings  for the blogger, activists and everyone!

Hello Twitterpals,
I appreciate your comments and quick responses.
Without you, I would not be this excited about blogging my savings and freebies.
I have been asking most of you to start a blog. If you are blogging then you are working more than one job!
You need more savings because you invest time!

What is deal-stacking?
  The art of deal stacking is defined as using several offers with your purchase.
Using a single deal on an item is a thing of the past. This is your checklist:

  1. Can I add other gift cards and coupons to this deal?
  2. What is the best deal in this department, compared to the one I have?
  3. When does it expire?
  4. What is my out of pocket expense?
  5. Can my pals use it, if not me?
  6. Will tweeting a pic help me get more from the company or my social media  group?
  7. Will this help animals, be eco-friendly?


1)Free Snack sample!

 MeowMeow's suggestion is aweso-ome!

When you stop eating chicken and eat nourishing bars like my fave twitter pal, then you are taking 500K cars off the streets ( via Sherri M via Holly Marie Combes via peta)
When you take advantage of this offer, please mention us. (@johnny20201 and a couple others!).
I always do acknowledge those who are kind to me.

Snack much!!

2) Free H&M gift card

Use this when you shop online with a couple of other wonderful retailers and you will be saving 75% off of your fave shirt!
Giftcard+cash back from CC+ cash back from other retailers +clearance at H&M = your fave shirt for next to nothing!! Go shop now!!

3) Free Max Factor Facefinity Primer Giveaway new
A fantastic new giveaway from P&G's Supersavvyme site. Enter the giveway for a chance to win 100 full-size bottles of Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer, a product that helps to prepare skin before foundation is added. In addition, you'll also be entered to win 30,000 product samples. Just click the "Get Yours" button to begin. Closing date: 30th April 2014.
(UK and Ireland)
If you are a man, even better, because a surprise gift to your mom will make her forgive your belated mothers day gifties.

4) Purina sample

Get this freebie and regardless of your pet ownership. Bring this to cats in shelter.
Shelters have contacts with good vets, products etc so you get a discount!!!
Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have LOVED this!

I got the shelter to give my colleague free tickets to a cat show for donating 40 lbs of cat food.

5) Gluten free  samples!! 

Livwell foods have a growing fanbase, see if you as a tweeter would recommend this to others.

6) Dog food sample

Get this freebie , regardless of your pet ownership. Feed this to dogs in shelter.
Shelters have contacts with good vets, products etc so you get a discount!!!
A volunteer I know gave away food and received tickets to a  local food fest, free drinks and all.
Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have liked this!

7) This Mother's day, sign  someone up for Amazon Prime.

After writing, if you are tired, play games or watch the movie Intouchables, partsof it are really funny.  Or watch Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot , when you sign up for a free trial on Amazon Prime!!
I got rid of my cable becaus eI am always at the computer anyways!
I am saving $35/month! Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have liked this!

Tomorrow's post: Spring, free veggies, freebies BECAUSE you are a blogger!

Here is how you can earn money while saving an animals life!

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