Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DEAL-STACKING:How to maximize your savings with 7

Freebies and Savings  for the blogger, activists and everyone!

Hello Twitterpals,
I appreciate your comments and quick responses.
Without you, I would not be this excited about blogging my savings and freebies.
I have been asking most of you to start a blog. If you are blogging then you are working more than one job!
You need more savings because you invest time!

What is deal-stacking?
  The art of deal stacking is defined as using several offers with your purchase.
Using a single deal on an item is a thing of the past. This is your checklist:

  1. Can I add other gift cards and coupons to this deal?
  2. What is the best deal in this department, compared to the one I have?
  3. When does it expire?
  4. What is my out of pocket expense?
  5. Can my pals use it, if not me?
  6. Will tweeting a pic help me get more from the company or my social media  group?
  7. Will this help animals, be eco-friendly?


1)Free Snack sample!

 MeowMeow's suggestion is aweso-ome!

When you stop eating chicken and eat nourishing bars like my fave twitter pal, then you are taking 500K cars off the streets ( via Sherri M via Holly Marie Combes via peta)
When you take advantage of this offer, please mention us. (@johnny20201 and a couple others!).
I always do acknowledge those who are kind to me.

Snack much!!

2) Free H&M gift card

Use this when you shop online with a couple of other wonderful retailers and you will be saving 75% off of your fave shirt!
Giftcard+cash back from CC+ cash back from other retailers +clearance at H&M = your fave shirt for next to nothing!! Go shop now!!

3) Free Max Factor Facefinity Primer Giveaway new
A fantastic new giveaway from P&G's Supersavvyme site. Enter the giveway for a chance to win 100 full-size bottles of Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer, a product that helps to prepare skin before foundation is added. In addition, you'll also be entered to win 30,000 product samples. Just click the "Get Yours" button to begin. Closing date: 30th April 2014.
(UK and Ireland)
If you are a man, even better, because a surprise gift to your mom will make her forgive your belated mothers day gifties.

4) Purina sample

Get this freebie and regardless of your pet ownership. Bring this to cats in shelter.
Shelters have contacts with good vets, products etc so you get a discount!!!
Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have LOVED this!

I got the shelter to give my colleague free tickets to a cat show for donating 40 lbs of cat food.

5) Gluten free  samples!! 

Livwell foods have a growing fanbase, see if you as a tweeter would recommend this to others.

6) Dog food sample

Get this freebie , regardless of your pet ownership. Feed this to dogs in shelter.
Shelters have contacts with good vets, products etc so you get a discount!!!
A volunteer I know gave away food and received tickets to a  local food fest, free drinks and all.
Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have liked this!

7) This Mother's day, sign  someone up for Amazon Prime.

After writing, if you are tired, play games or watch the movie Intouchables, partsof it are really funny.  Or watch Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot , when you sign up for a free trial on Amazon Prime!!
I got rid of my cable becaus eI am always at the computer anyways!
I am saving $35/month! Dewey Readmorebooks (the library cat) would have liked this!

Tomorrow's post: Spring, free veggies, freebies BECAUSE you are a blogger!

Here is how you can earn money while saving an animals life!

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  1. Replies
    1. Course you are Famous. You are the mommy Blogger who also wields soo much Power MeowMeow!

  2. GREAT advice!! 2 ways I save $$:
    1. Groupon (a spa girls bff)
    2. Walmart is honoring all competitor BOGO deals. So you get Walmart prices and freeeeee stuff! Dont be a hater cause I go to Walmart. I know better.

    1. Congratulations Saver!! good for you tweet me!