Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Game of Thrones and your Blog?

Game of Thrones Lesson: An HBO like strategy for blog readership
You have been posting quite a bit. When you have new and old visitors, lets do what one billion dollar enterprise does:
HBO programming is your model.
Watch Game of Thrones? #gameofthrones #Joffreyswedding much?
I thought so.
You have content.You have passion. Now Promote Promote Promote!!
Repeat it like HBO who will schedule it so many times that you cant escape it.
A re-posting of your material has been done. Now summarize all that you have done so that when you have a new reader, the simple rehash ( and #hashtag) will take you places.

File:Game of Thrones (soundtrack) cover.jpg

Also, keep track of how many hits your old pages got versus the summary and rehash.
I used to think that repetition helps me. Repetition , if you have ever spoken to a high school senior, or a cat, is key.

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