Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to navigate misleading statistics in Social Media: Example

This something I have come across recently:

Google+ has more than 25 million users now.
Google+ was the only social network to reach 10 million users in about a fortnight (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days)

Googleplus vs Facebook vs Twiiter

Using Google plus and belonging on six different social media is the minimum you could do to gain visibility.
Please be very careful when interpreting the above sentences though.
Facebook took that long a time, of 852 days as the only product it was offering.
Facebook happened after Google.

Facebook offered something very simple: Meet here, look for friends, share photos and friends.
It was not a search engine to begin with. A search engine has an algorithm for string searches and can analyze varied kinds of data.
It has access to every kind of information out there. If its online, a search engine will fetch it.
Facebook requires registration and user activity, and still it had that many users.

You can search for people, and that is a subset of what a search engine deals with.

Twitter can be thought of as a subset of Facebook.
Everyone likes to communicate on FB, but fewer like to provide updates.

Twitter had Google and Facebook.

Then came Google plus. To you it looks like an Social media outlet, something that was started from scratch.
It had the "prior art", RESOURCES and the added advantage of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.
Facebook and Twitter were started by young people who felt that teh Social Media outlets available left lot to be desired fro young people.

Google Plus had an array of engineering departments and teh wealth and resources of a Thinktank already inplace given
the models of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
By that count, it should have had 50 million in the first 20 days, butthen again whose counting?
All I ask is that we use the same yardstick, level the playing field and remove the home turf advantage.
Google users by then had a Facebook and Twitter following. Its easier to 'port' your contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Googleplus.

Please don't forget that by this time, 99% of phone have built-in cameras, essential for the teen mafia who need to Insty a selfie more frequently than a cat washing itself.

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