Thursday, April 3, 2014

WHY ARE YOU NOT BLOGGING YET?? : Blogger statistics and devices REVISITED.

Why aren't you blogging YET?
What is your excuse?
As I said in my first post bloggers are everywhere and just about everyone is blogging.
Further, I will prove to you that not blogging is hurting you. Everyone is good at something!
Your excuse now is that you are not a writer.
Yes, especially after all your writing on FB wall and all those tweets..
Did you start gardening? Window farming?
Are you a graphic artist?
Are you hating the syllabus in your CS 400 level algorithms class?

Now, my argument has gathered strength.. blogging can be therapeutic.
You are not just blogging, but for a good measure, you are documenting. I don't mean receipts for taxes, but there is a documentation of your thought process.

(I gathered some more stats and wonderful visualizations but the authors haven't gotten back to me yet!!)
In United States and Europe, bloggers are everywhere. I already told you that so don't shake you head.
How does the rest of the world look?
Warning: Once you look at the numbers, I feel that you will want to blog in Mandarin!

These graphics were generated in 2013. Since then, the general distribution and the shape of the graphs may have changed. By now the numbers have most likely increased. My question: Do the medians change as well? The modality of the chart, I know for a fact would have changed.. that is the trend prior to reaching saturation in most markets.
Oh yes, this is the first that I am not being flip. Stats and data are so important to all of us.
I would blog about the stats where you find out a lot about you, where you stand what demographic you belong to if citing and permissions were easier. I have emailed 6 sites about permissions.. they haven't gotten back to me.

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