Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you blogging about pals ? : Posting soon from an adroid device near you

You have met some really cool people online or at work.
They take great pics, are funny, try to help the homeless and are thrifty.
They are tireless crusaders.
They are also super cute, a big plus.
You would like to blog about them.
I know I admire them for their dedication and energy.

RULES of blogging about pals:
Take their permission
Find out the boundaries
Look at their tweets carefully. does your kind of humor match theirs?
Do they have blogs/
Are some photos verbotten?

I have met some great people tweeting for a cause and now I want to talk about Parkinson's CELEBI, cats , Saving wolves, keeping them listed. I will take their permission to link to them and to feature their best tweets.

Some fellow tweeters are in UK.
Cold place with warm hearts?

Let me know if you want to be interviewed, I will feature a full length interview about your causes, hobbies etc!


  1. Could write about Gizmo's escapades ��

  2. Yes MeowMeow, lets do that! Gizmo makes a great topic. Need 10 pics!