Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10+ reasons to blog

If you use social media, you need to blog.
I don't expect that everyone reading this will become an expert on a topic, earn millions from their blog.
I DO expect they will become writers if they are not already good at writing

Here are some reasons:
1) You will begin to express your self better.

2) Blogs, as I said before, in one of my posts, are therapeutic and you will function better.

3) When you have a blog audience its just your content and the audience. Nothing else matters.

4) Your content will attract advertisers. At your work, the work place politics may not be most helpful!

5) You will have a platform to address your work, your life and your hobbies.
Some offices are not the fairest, but a blog audience is very fair. Good content: Many visitors.
Poor content : Even family and friends wont look it up
6) You will develop visualization skills, always a big plus!!

7) You will be able to develop your own network of peers, which may grow and diversify into other areas.

8) A future employer will be better able to assess your skills, see the discipline in your posting frequency and may offer you a telecommuting opportunity. 
Companies have their own blogs and you may be invited to blog at work!

9) You have total control over the content which is a huge advantage

10) Once your blog is found in search engines and has a good number of visitors, you do not have to monitor it as closely, leaving you time to sell your blog skills.

Another plus: You develop website building skills. an hour a day should not be too hard to invest. I wonder why anyone would not blog in this day and age!
Once a blog is successful, it gives you a chance to create multiple lines of income.

One colleague revealed he had a blog and we looked at him very differently. He was a withdrawn silent worker, but his blog was witty. He was invited to every party from then on.

Please RT and comment. If you have started a blog, I will visit it and comment, some rules apply.

In this fig, I show how long you'd spend If you are hooked on blogging!

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