Thursday, April 17, 2014

How effective is autotweeting? Twitter Storm? Twitter apps?

Is auto-tweeting a good idea? Did you start a Twitter Storm?

Have you been an activist, scheduled a tweet-storm?
 Update after talking to some Twitter gurus : T-storms may not be 100% effective, brainstorming reuired!

Are you an activist tweeting for a cause? Is your business in need of auto-tweets?
As a social media expert one may tell you to automate your treats for timed release. As a programmer, I will tell you: NOOOOOOO!!

You should auto tweet, but know this: If the content has a pattern, it can be coded for. If it can be coded for, then it can be filtered out.
Then what have you got?

Take the time to create some tweets that don't fall into a strict pattern.
@calvin  9 am
@calvin  12 pm
@calvin  7 pm
@calvin                    All this  equals spam!

Better tweets: Did you get the latest from @calvin icanhazcheeseburger? ..

Cat on a printer /copier? Cloning your laughs @calvin icanhazcheeseburger  ...Cant always be filtered out.
Also, people wont WANT to filter them out!

  1. Don't set up more than two tweets  to be alike.

  2. Vary timings of the tweets often.

  3. Have friends re-tweet. 

If all publicity tweets could be automated, why would companies hire social media experts??

Networks need nurturing, Thats WHY!!

When someone Retweets your favorite blog post, thank them and let your pals know what this kind person did. Could you have automated that? ( If you ask me, yes there is a script and an app for that, but that s for another time. )

Some apps to make your blog tweeting easier.

How to automate your Twitter feed





Social Oomph


All of these are great, so why am I worried?
Some times an app may require permission to access your tweets. Not your DMs, but your tweets.

Twitter is already watching you on their WALL of a screen, but then you are adding one more layer of scrutiny when you use an app like this. Upto you my blogger pal.
Use with caution!

Auto-tweet disaster/epic fail : How to merg dcments  without losing data.

Went out six times before someone caught it. Now  someone knows why it went viral: It may have announced the firing of an employee!

Please comment below to let me know how your auto-tweeting went!


  1. I've been using the auto tweets provided to all of us..fsn hosts said that those and retweets are effective :( I rely on them lol

  2. I've never tried setting up timed tweets, always done it the old fashioned way, but will prob give them a shot. Very useful info. Thanks.

  3. So Twitter is really watching us?? It’s a conspiracy! Ok, for real, thanks for the info. I'm definitely going to give it a go!