Monday, April 14, 2014

How to use/interpret Google Analytics

Like the annoying orange, some of us are back. Some of us are hung over.@sarcasmleague said on Twitter that Google must be a woman, knows everything!
The trick is to get it to tell us about it.
I installed apps that track statistics on various blogs
Here is what happened:

3rd party tracker           : 300 views in last 7 days
Google Analytics           : 180 views in the last 18 days
Blogspot stats               :  220 views in the last 10 days
Second site for content  : 200 views in the last 10 days

Average time spent was all over the place!
People who commented were shown to spend 0.00 seconds on the page!

It takes at least 30 seconds to comment. They left two comments, one on each page.
Conclusion: Results may not be updated right away and Realtime may not be very reliable when it comes to stats.

I find that if I leave Analytics alone for a while and focus on my writing and readers, I do better, feel better.
Analytics are super useful, depending on how you respond. Keep increasing your social media presence and watch the effect, but don't rely 100% on Analytics alone.

Takeaway: Google Analytics : a good guideline, but not every thing! Keep GA close, but keep your audience closer!!

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