Friday, April 25, 2014

How to get 120+ days of free tv, surprising blogstats, mommy blogs

How to get 150 days of free TV, surprising blog stats, mommy blogs

How to get 120 days of free TV

How to get more than 120 days of free streaming

Netflix                         30 days free trial
Now TV                      30 days free trial
Redbox                       30 days free trial                    7 days free trial
Amazon Prime           30 days free trial               (Length seems to vary from region to region)

Average cost of cable $37 .00 Total savings: more than $150.00!

Done sequentially, this is 4 months of free entertainment.
Why would I recommend this?

Recently, there was snow, sleet, rain and the weather was too "Tornado-y" for me to catch my fave events.
Satellite/cable are way too susceptible to this bad weather.
I asked for a discount for interrupted service. They refused. I said : Bye bye bye bye!

Advantages of streaming from the above services :

  1. Don't have to switch view between two screens. The  computer is an automatic pause and play device, unlike a non DVR-TV. so your TV programming works around your schedule, not you around it!
  2. Catch shows on your mobile device any where!
  3. You save space. Your TV can now go into your bedroom/garage/toolshed : You decide!
  4. You can hook up your hard disc to the 42 inch plasma when you feel like it!
  5. You wont need the remote much, so forget losing and looking for it!
  6. Social watch it! Ever skyped while watching ICE AGE together?? Best experience ever if young people are far away from you because you are on the road!
  7. Parental controls are more programmable on the PC!
  8. Watch wonderful movies and sitcoms like Mud, Intouchables, Wallander , "How to train you Dragon" without ever misplacing a single disc!

Please go over my previous post for Deal Stacking ideas!
If you want to switch over from Cable, then you need to maximize that purchase and get more mileage out of it.
Talk to the customer service, see if they will sweeten the deal with freebies for kids, adults .. if you don't ask, you will never know.

Surprising blog stats, blog facts:

  • As of now there are 6.7 million blogs!

  • Video blogs, VLOGs, are on the rise.

  • Bethany Mota was a bullied teen who commands thousands per day because of endorsements, has millions of fans, and she is not even 20!! She has a VLOG on fashion and shopping for teens. She is now advising Aeropostale, and only a few years ago, found she was betrayed and by her bestie! BFF may turn out to be devils, but you can become a millionaire because of them.

  • Moms decide which way a product will go based on the value it gives, thanks to blogs.

  • Company blogs have become mandatory, due to increased public response. 

Mommy blogs

Many women are now opting to work out of home and are blogging about baby products, preschools, organic food, grocery shopping, vacations..
Companies pay very close attention to them and the comments.
These mom are using smart phones to blog, not your clunky old PCs. Pinning, Tumblr, Instys, Flickr are are so common place that now companies hire specialists to work on their behalf.
One bad diaper bag photo and the stock will fall. One poor car seat  and there will be 60k recalls.

The hand that rocks the cradle will rocks the stock price!

So if you are a mommy, you should start your blog: Yesterday!!

I would love to hear about any technical or other issues you are having! Please leave a comment!

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