Friday, April 11, 2014

Your neighborhood Mommyblogger : How to increase your readership.

"Mommy bloggers are the most prominent class of bloggers(in your immediate neighborhood).  Their opinion can make or break an SUV manufacturer."

The ever-present, ubiquitous MommyBlogger

Now for the stats: Mommy bloggers are the most prominent class of bloggers.
Topics range from preschools to savings, groceries, coupons, BUILD-A-BEAR workshops and sitters.
You don't want to mess with them because their opinion can make or break an SUV manufacturer.
When you have a mommy blogger as a reader, you are diversifying your portfolio in a good way.

If a newbie mommyblogger happens to have more pageviews and comments than your blog, please don't give up!
If you are a mommyblogger, then congratultions.

On an average there are three new mommybloggers per week.
One in 10 is likely blog for more than 90 days, and influence products.
They have excellent opinions on cribs, strollers, organics.. you name it.
Their buying power and influence is a force to be reckoned with!
They have a large twitter circle, followers and tweeters they follow.
You next block party, be might turn into a good blog-party .

There is a very good source fr this information, i.e.,
They do not talk about mommy bloggers at all.. they Do talk about hobbyists who update every 1-2 times a week. These are people who blog for personal satisfaction. That may translate into a reliable following.

Also, I want you to learn from my experience. I have already told you about the people who should NOT know of your blog. (Here is a link. )

Very few liked it when I said that your aunt Myrna needed a better colorist.
The readership for my other blogs dropped quite a bit after that comment.

It was very unsettling to find out that:
1) The bulk of my audience were women over 50
2) 50+ are better gamers than some of us at times
3) They know how to work a iphone or android phone just as well
4) The number of readers dropped by 25%, quite the damage.

This is also an argument for keeping your friends away from your blog.

Please dont irritate your friend's aunt.


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