Sunday, April 6, 2014

SEO, Alexa Ranks: I have some bad news and some bad mews..

Hey there!
I have been wanting to talk to you about search engine optimization and the keyword density of your blog posts.
You finally started a blog and it is about your hobby, your cats and how the minimum wage increase will not be very useful overall.

I was new to the concept of SEO and so I decided to carry out some tests.
There is a tester in all of us. Here is why you benefit from my having tested the SEO theories and apps.

If you want to populate your post with the SEO keywords 'David is a pick pocket' 300 times ...., its keyword density and SEO ranking wont go through the roof.
The algorithm is as complex and sensitive as your mother's ability to tell that you are lying.
This is also true of my mom. Both ladies can tell when you are lying because you fidget so much.
I on the other hand have studied statistics.

I also steer clear of the ladies on lasagna night.
Please see my former post to understand why this is of great importance.
That is the bad news. Now go change that / edit that recent post, "Non-parametric approaches to the assessment of healthcare enrollment in January 2014, a case study."
The bad mews: You left your tablet on and your cat sat on it for sometime. It was warm and you showed him the mouse app.. its your own fault that the mouse in the app looked so-o edible. Now your tablet's virtual keyboard has an unresponsive 'e'.

I did not want to tell you last night because you were wearing your St.Patty's hat, the fluorescent green shirt and dockers. You looked like you had given up, so why bother you with more news and mews?
Your cat, like my cat was only trying to help by sitting on your face. He figures that your suffering should end when you are passed out from the St.Patty's liquor. When he saw that you were still breathing, he woke you up because he could not eat that tablet mouse and now he is hungry.

Alexa ranking.

No Alexa is not your girlfriend's cousin once removed (from the church) and twice arrested.
It is a measure of traffic but it should not be your only "meter" if you will. Also, it is useful only if your audience has it in their browser's toolbars (This information won't be useful for your neighbors' flea market blog because they firmly believe that a toolbar belongs in the garage/shed or any similar structure.)

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