Monday, April 21, 2014



If you are an activist and would like  to be sponsored because you have to pay bills, here are some ways. I would like to start by discussing a cause that most of my Twitter pals like: Saving animals. The second portion has some examples of sponsored actions for activists.

Every year 2.3+ million animals are euthanized in the United States, in shelters. Very few are no-kill shelters with grants and donations.

There are millions of Americans who would love to hang out with a pet but cannot because of  apartment rules, lack of housing, budget constraints.

The quickest way to end the cruel deaths is by crowd-funding petting areas and cat cafes populated by animals from shelters.

 An animal activist on Twitter suggested I move the London Cat cafe news to this portion, so here goes:

  • A cat cafe initiative in London raised an overwhelming amount of money from crowd funding.

    Thank you so much Twitter pal, you have a great reading speed, BTW!

 Dog parks, petting dogs in cafes.

Here are the arguments in favor of dog parks in play areas in the United States:

  • Gentle, docile trained dogs can boost self esteem of bullied kids.

  • Gentle, docile trained dogs can boost self esteem of traumatized Veterans and victims of violent crimes.

  • Can reduced incidence of abuse from irresponsible owners .

  •  They can lower the blood pressure of  the hypertensive.

  • They would create jobs for unemployed animal lovers.

  • Generate more sales for pet food manufacturers.

  • Create the perfect solution for apartment dwellers where pets are not allowed. 

  • Help de-stress after a hard days work.

  • Help kids and families bond better.

  • Help regulate pet populations and diseases. 

  • Help raise money for animal causes sooner, due to the very strong argument made by those lovely loyal brown eyes ( Ignore the chewed up Nikes)

I could go on. I haven't even scratched the surface of the advantages of a cat cafe!

DON'T worry that you cant adopt a pet, just crowd fund your nearest pet cafe!!

Sponsored blog post:

Perhaps you are fighting for recycling non biodegradable plastics that  seem to hurt sea animals. Or you want t o raise money for a cat cafe and you already blog!
Maybe you decided to create a template for activists to tweet.
Unless you voice your opinion, say,  about organic farmers going bankrupt, your ideas cannot be used by  the public. Hence the blog post.
To do research on the statistics and frequency of wasteful cruel actions you have to spend a lot of time.

The very pleasant and surprising development is that now these actions can be sponsored. You want to be a not-for profit, but you still have to pay bills, take care of family and justify spending all that time on the 'net!

Social media and crowd funding are related and can revolutionize how we fund saving man's best friend.
On Twitter I met several activists who  also blog about saving animals.
Here is away of helping them keeping their blogs sponsored, to add momentum, keep the posts visible and involve a wide cross section of tweeters.

I have several examples but I am mentioning a few that have made the news.
  • Australians recently crowd funded the actions against pig farmers
  • A cat cafe initiative in London raised an overwhelming amount of money from crowd funding.
 I will talk more about getting your post sponsored in my upcoming post.
Till then fight on dear Twitter pals.
Every tweet counts.

So you love dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins  and are causing social change on Twitter?

Dear activist, its time we discussed some Twitter features that will help you gain ground in this movement.
If you have auto tweeted, you need to see this, or your tweets may never reach the right audience!

If you have been in a tweetstorm for #socialchange, you need to read this post, that I have posted after data analysis.


  1. Being slow ...was woken up by someone calling me..who do the animals in these cafes belong to? Where do they stay?

  2. I love this idea! Brilliant!

  3. Thank you EVER so much MeowMeow, now wtach me set up ur brill blogz!

  4. Hiya anon, Ty 4 the encouragement, u r sweet. so many animals will thank you.

  5. We need to discover the most dog friendly cities and push for this. EX: Portland, OR. is very dog friendly, leaving bowls of water outside shops for the four legged visitors! A city like this would welcome dog/cat cafes!

    1. I will feature your comment on twitter! That is an excellent idea.. i am very grateful. Well will approach humane soc, PETA, start something

  6. I hope it will change in Texas,the laws that give Racnch owners the LISCENCE to have a hunting ranch,ones that are covered up by our own Governor Rick Perry. These places allow people to pay a very large amount in exchange for a chance of killing a poor animal,that's herded or tranquillized to the gunman,it goes from Bearsall the way to Elephants and giraffes.its a sad a animal that was raised on the black market to be done this way,these animals are rescues mostly,but where they're taken isn't freedom it's to a murdering range,the animals White lions to Cheetahs any kind of game you ask for even placed deer to make sure they're killed,if they aren't then they don't get paid,plus the cost is outrageous anywhere from $500.00-$25,000.00 or more. When will it stop,well as long as Gov. Rick Perry is in office NEVER,one because he can care less of what happens to animals that's why we ARE going to ELECT a new governor. I'm praying for it to stop everywhere plus only GOD knows how many innocent men have been executed,all because the governor was too busy to open a file and halt a mans death for something he has not done. But To Perry everyone is guilty. He's the guilty one him and him alone for allowing it all to happen........

    1. Thank you so much Cheri. If you are blogging, please tweet/Pinterest your favorite part of the posts!

  7. I hope a lot of people read and understand what's happening it's not about the animals alone it's about the people that do the horrible things,the news this morning said an Execution was inhumane,WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIM DID HE GIVE THE GIRL HE KILLED A HUMANE DEATH I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!!

    1. Your make a good point. I truly appreciate your comments!

  8. I'm very sorry I must unsubscribe because I don't have time. My family are in dire need of $50,000.00 to help pay bills the people that need our services,these people or thieves aren't very fair and as always the law is on a clients side not ours. Because of several we completed the house building on time,and none of them finished paying even an mayor well he has no more job as my parents still do not have their money that's owed on that particular job,it's very hard running into this,and getting screwed up any how I'm hoping some one out there will loan us the money,it will be paid back in somehow