Sunday, April 20, 2014

How successful are Twitter campaigns: Visibility for your blog post

Blog posts gain ground with Auto-tweets, twitter campaigns, may lead to social change.


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In my last post I said that if there is a pattern it can be filtered out. (Bloggers need social media to get the word of a post out. More so if it is about a campaign.) So,  an automated twitter storm cannot really be all that effective. I have been examining trends in tweets related to ad campaigns and outcry against abuse. The ad-campaign cannot be an effective control group because the sample sizes are not comparable. When a company devotes a team for social media campaign and provides incentive, I doubt that it can be matched by us trying to auto-tweet to save a hapless animal.

Recent success in twitter campaigns: 

**Outrage over Taiji

** #DSCBlackRhino.

    ***Crowd sourced, crowd funded  exposure of Pig  farming in Australia.

    ** Outrage over the (perceived?) insults in a Celebrity Southern chef's comments.

    A TV anchor's comments leading to the non-renewal of his contract on a major news channel.

    Killing of a book deal by a juror in the murder-trial of a teenager in Florida..

    The prosecution of teenagers who has abused and posted photos of an animal recently.

    Takeawy: Twitter wields an amazing power. It can be used to bring about social change. As long as you can use images of abuse. 
     You can auto delete an auto tweet, you can not delete the horror one feels when they see the image of something or someone helpless being abused.

    Programming wise, I doubt that one can auto- delete a picture without tags and you can tag it as ice-cream.. A picture is worth a 1000 untraceable words in Twitter especially, where the RT and the Fave make the message grow exponentially. If you have come across a filter that can auto-detect and delete, based on metadata in social media please let me know. I admit I don't know of  the latest image filter based on metadata
    Vive la Twitter.

    I sincerely thank my Twitter pals for their dedication funny quotes, and company.

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