Friday, April 11, 2014

Why did your buddy's blog go viral? Yours...

Over a cuppa, you told someone about your passion and said that they ought to blog .
A few weeks later there is a party at his house for 1200 pageviews per day for a week.
Your mom was invited.

You have had 200 pageviews for the past 8 days.
Your boss reads your friend's blog, gives you more work.
Hows that feel?

I told you about using Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Stumbleupon while we were waiting for the L train.
You were busy with your texting. Not one text should be w/o a link to your blog, if it is to your pals.
It can be done.

If you have to ask, I am deeply disappointed in your behavior.
YOU went to the airport at 1 a.m. to pick up your pals, slept on the floor and then watched 2 dozen donuts disappear.

Remember Dave?
He is your high school bud and he invited himself to your place, hit on your friend etc?

I could go on.

Moral of the story: You are Leonard Hoffstatdter and you put up with the Sheldon Coopers and Kripkes of the world.
Use Social Media.
Use all you have to promote your blog.

You suggested the sink/blog and now you watch from the outside?
Not fair.

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  1. MJ says, via Twitter @johnny20201 Welcome Alwynn, I liked reading them, Post my comment: "My buddy's blog did do well! " Join us 4 #tweetstorm

  2. Yes more cats MeowMeow, looks like that would be a great area to explore.