Saturday, April 19, 2014

How my Blog posts = Twitter Jail, more automation issues

Dear Twitter pals,  I am no twitter quitter.

My tweets got me into twitter jail.
I tweeted FOR A CAUSE.
Then I posted some information on my blog, relating to tweet-storms for the cause.
I promoted it to EVERY one.
My account was suspended.

I then found out that some of my twitter pals have been suspended TWICE!
Social media crimes?

Twitterocracy = autocracy!
If you are mass mailing and you have a massive following sending the same email to the same set of individuals, how long do you think it would be before you are filtered out? Jailed as well?

 Brainstorm before the tweet-storm , the twitter feeds!

Twitter can lead to social change. Twitter+blog  = More powerful than their individual strengths. However, in continuation of my Previous post, Brainstorm before the tweet-storm, be it for a social cause or for your blog post about a cause.


Your pals may be a little wary of your automated quips about your blog posts. Unless you have a passion, please don't blog.
Your very organic tweets are ten times better than auto-tweets, both algorithm-wise and impact-wise.
Twitter is  word of mouth. If you harp on the same things, it gets old real fast and you may be tuned out.
Have you ever been unfollowed? If you drone on about your new Porsche in your blog post, I will un-follow you NOW, Moneybags! 
Also, um.. may I please borrow it for an hour?

Is an autotweet for your blog  post never appropriate and useful?
Yes it is!!
It is useful when you are trying to reach thousands with late breaking news.
After you send it to yourself, not before!!
An auto-tweet is ideal for a correction. Errata are everywhere.
Fix it and acknowledge your mistake. I acknowledged to my patent attorney that hiring him was a mistake and that I hate him. Please do the same , er, I mean fix your errors and admit to them. You are welcome to tell those truths to my attorney but he is in the Bahamas.
This is where you get a chance to be a good  friend, unlike the neighbors' cats who said that "theydidntdoit" , but did push my phone down from the counter and now its screen is cracked like my skin.

 Auto tweets, mass emails may be hurting your cause.
The organic tweet  has a high impact factor.
A retweet of your blog post says you have friends.
A comment on your blog most must be tweeted in thanks.
The neighbors cats who damaged your phone belong in kitty jail , tweet their pics.


Here is what The Smith Family ‏@DogGoneCamping said, very clearly! Thank you!

#anipals Valid point by @johnny20201: Always customize your #tweetstorm posts for more impact and reach and less suspension from Twitter. Gave me permission to put this up on my blog too!

You made my day. I soo appreciate this. May I feature your response in my blog?



  1. If you really need to get a good point out consider time zones. Tweet at different times to reach a full range of people.

  2. Good, valid points here! RT’s may be a compliment but too many RTs can come across as lazy and will bore your followers. Add color and personality to your tweets. If you’re always tweeting SAVE SAVE SAVE the animals you may need to throw in a funny periodically to lighten the mood. There’s my 2 cents!

    1. Thank you so much Anon!! You made some great observations. will paste this comment on EVERY blog post!