Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to blog ALL day, without getting caught.

If you have started blogging about your passion,say, Android games and apps, after work, then you will face some obstacles.

You are working.
You work at a company where you gather data and you have deadlines.
Suddenly the requirements and specifications were changed, and you have to work longer.
Or your relief has not showed up, your family is waiting and if you get home late, you wont blog today.
You fall in your reader's eyes.
The same thing happens when you want to go on an outing and your readers have sent in request for new posts.
You have built a relationship wit your reader and you should keep posting, responding to comments and keeping in touch.

I have some tips for this, if you can act in advance and plan a little:

Keep five (5) to seven (7) emergency posts ready, and be mobile post ready.
Or send out well timed tweets everyday. Once you get the twitter widget for your blog, your reader will be reassured.
Upload pics to blog with comments
Re-post your best blog buddy's most read post
Call up your circle of friends to retweet portions of your joint blog posts.
Let readers (tweet, Fb) know you are stuck and watch the support pour in.
Share why you are walking funny: one of the knock off Jimmy Choos lost the heel.
Insty the lost heel and the stubbed toe: Your pain and embarrassment has a huge market.
The market for your pain and shame is bigger at the office than amongst your readers sometimes.

If you have been blogging for a few months now, then on the Sunday when your family has ditched you to go to the water-park (and your in-laws uninvited you), please capitalize on it.
Get yourself some beverage, not necessarily a healthy one, sit down and create a 'BEST OF'!

Re-post your blog on Wordpress, Weebly, Squidoo and the like.

These can be accomplished with your mobile device such as an android tablet or a phone.
Quit playing Farmville with your nephew. Angry birds is off limits too. If you are so great at it why haven't you created a couple of posts about your high scores and cheat sheets? Please blog about the birds and the smug pigs.

Do you know someone who knows CELEBI like the backs of their hands??
I do and I will interview them here, hopefully.
Post their latest obsessions via a bunch of no attribution images.

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