Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ANDROID APP FOR BLOGGERS : Blogger Google Inc., Added November 10, 2013

If you have an android device, you must maximize your chances of being followed, for your blog at least.
There are some apps that will make your life easier.

I interviewed several bloggers for device stats and I found that even if some bloggers got an Android tablet as a gift, they have been using a desktop. With the great mobility that an android device affords you, how could you not blog from it?

My survey did reveal an growing niche': The gamers who use android devices.
Invariably they all have their cheat sheets, tips, criticisms of their competitions strategies.

Here is an app that my friends have been raving about. Well, not all of them.
Some claim that the post disappears, and that they cannot save anything.
Some like the idea behind the app but say that Google is inconsistent.
There were 22334 recommendations on Google..
Here are some more stats:

34,978 total
5 ***** 15,766
4 **** 6,630
3 *** 4,911
2 ** 2,639
1 * 5,032

Installs : 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

Do you see something awful about these numbers?
1) If you want to write about blogging related stats, the first question that you should ask: What is the sample size??

Are you saying that the installs is the sample size?
The sample size is a subset of the installs.
Not every blogger has used it.
Not every blogger has used it more than twice.

Perhaps these number can be better explained by a statement like this:
There were between 1 to 5 million installs since Nov 2013. Of these 22k responded with a review?

2) How and when were these data collected?

Not the best infographic for your tweet! People will feel that it is incomplete information.

What do you do when you have the advantage of mobility but not the most ideal saving /editing app?

I also wanted to get some insight from my readers about Gems in sight, Are there any new games that you like better than Angrybirds? Is , better yet, Rovio coming up with better games?
Will you please tweet your opinion to @johnny20201?

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