Sunday, March 30, 2014

How long do you blog? How old is your blog? Whats off limits? Blogger rules.

Dear blogger and reader,
On an average how long do you spend posting a blog?

How long do you spend promoting it?

I would add a survey but you seem busy.
The most popular reports seem to have collected data for Social media, but not blogs alone.
Also, since a majority of them seem to be working w/pics or vids, it must not take them very long to post.

I do spend time promoting it, but I just don't see a clear path to promoting in a short time.
Any and all advice would be of great help.
When do you blog?
I blog after work, but sometimes work can be stressful.
Based on a very ineffective sample size, here is a representation of the average bloggers day.

To me , due to the awkward incident of posting about my female relative's lack of education, ethics and efficiency has become off limits. Everyone secretly enjoyed it, downloaded the post and printed it out, but somehow I am the bad guy?

My grandma was so grateful she gave me a kiss.. she never kissed anyone in all her life.

Objectionable content is off limits.
Besides, there is enough of that in the tax form anyways.
I object to being poor.
That to me is objectionable, but apparently one cannot state it on a blog.

In a blog, you have a chance at therapy. Sharing one's misery is so helpful when one runs out of alcohol or Tylenol or paracetamol or Ingersoll( I dont know her but she rhymes). Since sharing is caring, I will also share with you how to get a spiffy looking blog in a reasonably short amount of time.
1) tweet a lot
2) ask your Twitter pals for content
3) point out their content's defects online
4) deactivate the existing twitter account
5) get new handle and a new blog url.
6) repeat till you have no option but to move to a remote place that does not have the INTERWEBS
7) .... Ran outta coffee, BRB. More later. More later w/lateral thinking.
You think that this is very flip and light: You are wrong.

Here are some more rules:

Blogger rule 27: Well timed insults and pranks will leave you poor and helpless unless you are Will Ferrell.
Always use Twitter, unless your account has been suspended for being articulate.
Blogger rule 28: Skip blog rule 28, its about taxes.. very hurtful. Follow the rule, pay your taxes , just dont spread the misery.
Blogger rule 29: Blogging gives you a chance to watch the exponential growth of page views with the promotion on each additional social media outlet ( and sometimes inlet). Promote your blog through more than one Social Media site such as Instagram, Twitter, FB, and Tumblr.
Blogger rule 30: If you haven't read my other post you don't deserve my solution to the monetization of your experience with your parole officers.

I am glad you are here, because according to the uncertainty principle, if you are here then, you can't be doing anything antisocial like developing common core math problems. Although, on second thought some problems seem like they were crafted while the author had the 6th craft beer while doing so. Also probably reading a blog.

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