Friday, March 28, 2014

Blogging house geometry, fashioned after Ogden Nash's Boarding-house Geometry

Blogosphere geometry fashioned after Ogden Nash's Boarding-house Geometry

Hello Bloggers!
I have so many things to share in this post!!
I wanted to run some things by you .
The blogosphere is a subset of the internet and phone using population.
From what I have seen in reports, more than 35% of internet users blog.
Of these female internet users are more likely to blog than men.
Of the female bloggers, at least half are moms.
Now for the theorems:
The Frequency of blog posts Bf is inversely proportional to the number of demanding dwellers in a residence and falls off by a square of the distance from the place of work.

In other words the longer the distance/commute to work, the fewer the posts. You heard it here!

Frequency Bf of blog posts is directly proportional to the ease of access and the speed of the internet.
It also varies greatly with the speed and user-friendliness of your device.
The very arbitrary constant that is constantly arbitrary is the demanding child/pet/in-law/pet-in-law/spouse/mother-in-law and the like. If your job is to handle Social media from an office then I am a little sorry for you.
Because now it is the distance from the annoying co-worker or the boss( enough said).

What region of the world is most likely to blog for-ever and ever?
I assumed that most of the world's most frequent social media users would be from the frozen over tundra.

It is not Russia, not Spain, not Brazil,or China. You would think that the Scottish or the Irish would write the best blogs because their weather can be a bit.. well..different!
Will you try to find out what region of the blog has the highest number of social media entries?
Who spends the most time on Social Media sites?


Naturally, I was just as surprised as you may have been.
However, United states exceeds Australia in its population.

If Aussies spend more time on Social Media, then what is the most popular make of the most popular device used by Aussies?
According to, Androids are gaining ground in Australia.
iPad sales may have slowed down a bit.

In the United states, the iPad has increased in sales in the past couple of years.

From what I heard when talking to bloggers: There is nothing like the traditional keyboard.

I then wanted to find out what the quickest route to popularity via social media was: instys(Instagrams), tweets and plenty of photos. Careful how you tag them though.

So why a tablet and not a laptop?
Weight price , apps.. there are many considerations.
Also, a tablet is ideal for reading and tweeting.
The capacitive-touch enhanced experience will only rise in popularity from what I see, read and hear.

To wind up, in addition to the blogging house geometry, the Android tablet is very likely to become a constant in the world of blogs, microblogs and tweets.
Any stocks/ options come to mind based on these stats?

Some apps and sites you can use for your social media are:

I hope you use these. Let me know how your blog is going!
One very important theorem for blog traffics is that time invested is directly proportional to the views, after adjusting for topic and widgets and of course the all important network.

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