Thursday, March 27, 2014

What device is the most blogger-friendly ?

The device you use to write blog on is very very important.
Travel blogs require a laptop or a tablet.
Have you ever blogged using a smartphone?
I doubt it was the same as your tablet.

I have used various devices and I found that the Chromebook, Lenovo, Dell and all tablets are easy to carry around and
CHARGE! Tablets that can handle all my graphics are: iPad , Samsung galaxy note, Android tablet from various companies, in that order.
If you want to and need to blog from your smart phone, I suggest getting a keyboard that can be used with a phone.

The most ideal device is not one device but a device and some peripherals.

Use a keyboard with your tablet and blog from just about anywhere.
Have you ever used the kind of keyboard that you could just roll up and pack away? It exists and it is pretty pretty cool.

I am beginning to think that there is a relationship, after talking to bloggers, to the device and the age of the blog.
People who have been seriously blogging for more than a year seem to be buying better, more user friendly devices.
People who blog for a living have state of the art back up systems and devices.
Bloggers who are less than 35 years of age as of 2014, are more likely to blog using a tablet.

Do you see a useful trend here?
I do.

If most bloggers are below the age of 35 or lets say , fall into the age range of 21-45 ( pretty broad), then your target audience is likely fall in that range.
What does this audience prefer to READ your blog on?
The most used device dictates how you present your blog.
The rhetorical question: Is your blog mobile friendly?
For Heaven's Sake, make it MOBILE friendly!

If more than 33% is blogging seriously and 60% of those are below 35, from a population of 26 million,
How many tablets and tablet friendly keyboards can one expect to sell?

Just kidding: I love to mess with numbers and this was just me asking a hypothetical question.
What interests me more is that the serious blogger is also very likely to be a serious tweeter.
More than 60% of tweeters are ..
Read my next post!

When you use a tablet and a keyboard, your life as a blogger gets easier.

It is a plus that the laptop may be used by your feline friends.

Writing/blogging is a small part of your blogging efforts. If you are serious then you have to read a lot. This can be accomplished on any device. Kindle fire seems to be popular.

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