Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bloggers are everywhere!

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With a background in statistics, I wanted to write about data.
I will do so, not giving up on my dream yet. There is another area that has captured my attention: Blogging itself.
With the advent of the laptops in the 2000s and the tablets now readers and writers of blogs seem to grow exponentially. This intrigued me.
What is the most popular subject for blogging?
Is there a region in the world that has the best bloggers?
Are all Americans blogging all the time?

Here are some statistics that might interest you.

*Apparently the highest number of blogs are about photography.

*People below the age of 35 are more likely to blog than those above 35.

*People in advanced countries have a higher tendency to blog.

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I was under the impression that social media and blogging are mutually exclusive, but if the numbers are to be believed, they are not and there is a correlation.

However, the Chinese seem to have fewer blogs compared to the rest of the internet equipped world.
Most bloggers are Americans, like I said before, but the numbers are increasing in Europe.
Now businesses promote their products via blogging.

Bloggers are everywhere because both the professional and the amateur blogger benefit by it.
Initially a hobby, it has evolved into an important skill and content generation with back-links is serious business.

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