Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pick your poison: Word Press, Blogger Weebly or something else?

If you ask me, you should choose Wordpress if you are an experienced blogger, or at least not a newbie. Then try your hand at Weebly. (If Moore's Law is to be believed, then this technology will get cheaper. An addendum to that is: Technology will get more user-friendly. So make sure to keep yourself informed of the updates.)

There has been an explosion in the number of bloggers.
Technology has started evolving to allow for easy blogging.
Initially seen as an online diary, now it is a very important tool to connect directly with the consumer and audiences around the world.

What technology are all these people using?
Blogger vs Word press.. Hands down WordPress.
But then there is a new user-friendly smart resource called Weebly. It is catching up to the other two very fast!

Here are some more interesting facts:

Majority blog from their homes.Very few people blog from a coffee shop.
Weekend blog traffic is much higher from non-news bloggers.

A little more history:
In and around 2004, there were 24 million sites and now that is more like a billion perhaps. It is very likely to grow to a trillion. This seems mathematically impossible. I investigated this.
After having spoken to at least 40 people,( a very inadequate sample size BTW :D), I found out that each blogger has more than one blog. Many of them have been inactive for a while. Very few start blogging because of their passion alone....

If you are a reporter/ journalist, you absolutely have to blog at some point.
blogger becoming reporters is more likely after 2007, than the other way round, because the original reporter is being replaced by the multitasking younger generation.

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