Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Microblog your Blogpost : Hello to my Twitter pals!

 How to Microblog your Blog Post

Social media is built around tweets, Youtube, texts, Instys, Pinterest and to some extent, Stumbleupon.
Your blog post gives you the freedom of more words and images, infografics etc. Or does it?
Human attention span lasts for 30 minutes on a topic that they care about. Your blogpost, along with mine is never a priority.
If you live with teenagers, you know that only 3 things will make them care: Food, shelter and the iOS/ #android.

This is your chance to capitalize on 10 items or less and 140 characters or less culture. BTW, INBD tho, but FB is not very #fetch ( a nod to #meangirls ). After five years on it, TISNF, but who cares.
All we want to do is selfies and tweet our shopping. In a poor economy, nothing makes your look  er.. I am lost for adjectives and adverb-eage.
 Microblog is anything from Twitter to Stubleupon.

Social media etiquette for  microblogging  your work:

I have many people reading my posts and some of you are wonderful. Thank you so much for your support. Please tweet me if you want to featured on my blog!

  • Dont be a Twitter troll.
  • Dont flood the twitter space with offensive images.
  • Keep pics of Lingerie to your DMs, with permission.
  • Dont tag anything without formal permission, regardless of the user's settings.
  • ( If I take the pic and tag your id with it, would you be happy?)
  • If you did do that, delete, apologize sincerely, admit to the pettiness behind it and move on.
Last I checked people have lost millions over awful remarks.
Twitter pals are very  important, but beware the tweeter who has a following of  40K without being a subject matter expert or a media person or the like. These tweeps collect followers. After 200 followers, what schedule are  you  following to pay individual attention? Does this mean that you don't work?

 Individual attention, followed by regular group tweet acknowledging some of your good pals is the currency for a meaningful following.

The power of the Retweet, re-pin and like 

Not to mention the fave on twitter!
Yes RT is awesome, but sometime I need a "verytrue " or "Trudat" button .
A retweet is the laziest form of endorsement. Also the most ambiguous. If you are re-tweeting my '???" and were not a part of the original convo, please modify your tweet. What do you mean by a retweet of my ???. All I seek is a clear explanation for this kind of behavior!
I dont know you from Jack, so your tweets are everything. You could be a 21 yr old with an Angrybird obsesh, which is loved by pets too BTW, or a 300lb trucker who always mistypes that as thst. It happens a lot, but when you type" besutiful" 67 times in a 1 week window, I am beginning to think that it is a word in a foreign dictionary.
FYI, there are faves, RT and MT. MTs are modified tweets where you add your own words, but acknowledge that you are modifying, using via and + or "" for the body of the main tweet.

If you are nice, leave comments telling me how James Thurber my writing is, I will show you some real drunken tweeting adventures.

Misleading Titter stats: Saudis tweet a lot, Some countries have banned Twitter, so what is the likely hood of your gaining visibility by tweeting to a specific audience?  What group will get your post the highest visibility via RTs? Sadly, the 20 yr old.  The  20 something across  the world loves telling us about the "haps". My multivariate analyses show that at any given time, they are also less involved in #socialchange #socialgood, not so LOL!

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