Thursday, September 17, 2015

GIZMODO's POLARIS Slingshot. #unblogged

No Blog about Stats, just my fave blog.

Gizmodo  is my fave. Probably because I heart all things tech.
I subscribe to their email.

I loved the Polaris Slingshot review. Many must have reviewed it, but Gizmodo has a special place in my heart.

Since Sean Posted about the Polaris Slingshot I hate my life. I will get me a life coach and try to get the Polaris Slingshot as a part of my job perk. If I were Sean, I would do a MILLION things with the Slingshot.
This is the reason for Gizmodo  being so addictive. They use enticing pictures of stuff that you will dream about.

 I would drive up to my Starbucks in the slingshot, demand a freebie b/c now I out did that gang of bikers, brought a mob of kids to the Starbucks.
I would go to the Hyatt and then park where everyone could see and then use it for publicity. I would drive up to the retirement home, pick up my nana and then  go pick up her 'scrip'.

One swanky ride can do all that? No. It opens the door to my imagination is all. I do feel its a dangerous ride.
 I wont become the drift king, but I would go in with an agenda. True what Sean did was Way cooler. Some of us have an idea of how to use this #Ubercool ride.  Sean gets EVERYTHING!!! :/

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