Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dailykos, Foodbabe, Couponmom, Jessica Adams, Loveandlemons,

What kind of Blog do you want to start?
Food / fashion/ hobby / frugality / causes/ tech/ entertainment/political
Here are some blogs that I wanted to discuss, to inspire all of us. has a sizable following. It branched out to Instys, and was awarded the Best food blog. When you read it, you will get why. It is clean, simple and speaks to every one.

Foodbabe is a food blog with a cause. It has 118,426 daily visitors. It started around 7-8 years ago, and now it is a movement.

DailyKos has above 7 million visitors daily, and  Politico is a close second.

Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey can save us money. started just a few years ago and now his site has tens of thousands of visitors everyday. Kyle Taylor  and Ramit Sethi will change how we think about earning money. Bradsdeals now commands the attention of so many people that businesses with e-commerce are paying very close attention.

Jenny Martin, a mom from South Carolina, started this little blog called  If she ran for office, she will likely win. Before her there was couponmom, if my numbers are right.
We all know that Perez Hilton started with a blog.

I haven't even started on the big ones yet.

Thanks to some ladies I know, I came to think of astrology very differently. there is a market for it.
Darkstarastrology has many daily visitors and does not miss a post or a big astrological event.

Jessica Adams is an astrologer, writer and has a blog and she is a globe trotter thanks to her accurate political predictions.I would not be surprised if she is on TV.

Is there a blog you want me to review?

Coming soon: The happening blog and its numbers!

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